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Marla Leigh


Dr. Deb Kern


Tap into your intuition, spark the divine feminine within, and take a journey into the magickal world of frame drumming with Grammy Nominated Frame Drum legend, Marla Leigh. Marla shares her story, takes us into the "herstory" of frame drumming, and activates our intention in an exclusive guided meditation!

Dr. Deb knows how to ignite the fire within. She shares her powerful story of freeing her body of others projections and embodying the divine within. It all started with a cassette tape my beautiful friends. Jump into her interview and hear how she turned a trickle into a roar! THEN, get some comfy clothes on so you can shake it up PRANA SHAKTI STYLE as Dr. Deb guides us through an exclusive practice she created just for us! 

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Jana Stanfield

Song Day 2 

Have you ever been part of a SONG-VERSATION!? I certainly hadn't until Jana showed me the ropes. Her humor and music embody the wisdom that if we keep a song in our hearts can overcome the challenges we face on the path of following our heart's and honoring our dharma! 

Please take a minute to watch the special message from the kids from Refugee Film School below! Jana heads up this amazing organization which directly impact and supports the lives of refugees and their futures! 50% of all Dharma Fest VIP Passes is being donated to RFS! You can donate directly to Refugee Film school using the button below! 

Divine Harmony


Do you ever find it challenging to ACT on the revelations of your intuition? Have you ever felt stuck in the how-to's of your dharma, meanwhile your calling is right in front of you? Astrologer Divine Harmony guides us into the divine feminine to connect in a clearer way with our calling. She also shares information on key planets which offer supportive insight into our purpose. Sink into Dive Harmony's wisdom and see what is brought into focus for you!

Joanna Klein


What is the story you're telling yourself about your life right now? Is it empowering? Does it inspire you and others in your life? Do you see the value in sharing your story? Joanna shares with us how we can consciously weave our story in such a way that we can just about shift reality or even time travel, according to how we craft our own life narrative. Your story matters, and just like you it is worthy of being loved and supported. Joanna shines a light on the thread which runs through many women's hearts that find it hard to tell their story. She also has the tools to help unleash it! 


Cosmic Breadcrumbs Day 5

Ever feel overwhelmed??? You're not alone. Vix shares her experience of building her purpose driven passion business, New Age Hipster, step by step. Contrary to what we often see in the media, it wasn't an overnight success story. It was a process, and continues to be such, of following the cosmic bread crumbs, as she calls them. When Harper Collins called her to write a book with them, it was a result of honoring intuitive hits, sharing her work bit by bit, and letting her heart light her path!

She also shares a very important piece of wisdom her guide Guru Jagat offered her, and you don't want to miss it! 

Cynthia Harrison

Energy Day 6

The way we conduct our energy matters.
It effects everything, how we perceive our situations, how we are able to manifest, co-create, even our relationships. Our dharma's are an extension of the flow of our energy and the unique frequency each of us hold.
If you find yourself attempting to mentally grapple with your purpose and keep bumping up against the same blocks, Cynthia is here to guide you!
In her interview/mini workshop you'll get key insights into how awareness, and how we "see", is key to amplifying your ability to actualize your vision in your life! 

Nura Rachelle

Natural Day 7

Your dharma is natural to you. Alignment, Rhythm, Flow. Nura anchors in Earthy and calming frequencies as she shares how your astrological chart simply points out what is natural to you. Even where you resist. Even where you default. Especially where you shine! Through self inquiry and reflections, simply being curious in the present moment can help you move from challenge to change, transition to transformation. She drops key insights as to where to look into your natal chart for supportive information. Keys to acceptance, self-love, and celebration!  

Catt Z

Shine Day 9

Have you ever been afraid to SHINE!?


Often it's not just personal insecurities that hold us back. Sometimes it's the worry that other's may judge us for who we truly are. Or what if we SHINE too BRIGHT and they don't like it...

TODAY'S Cosmic Smash Booking experience will take you on a journey of freedom, expression, and curiosity. Catt Z is excellent at holding spacing and connecting you with your muse! 



Blank note book (or plain sheets of paper)

glue/glue stick

water color paint +paintbrush (or some kind- paint!)



old magazine (collage materials)

any other art supply you're feeling drawn to :)


The Peace Dealer

Respect Day 10

As spiritual seekers navigating familial relationships, culture, and current events, being out in public spaces can truly test our ability to stand in our personal truth. We've all had those moments where we backed down when we wish we would have said our "peace". Many of us have spent the last year tending to our personal growth and now feel the call to become active again in environments, that let's be honest, can be triggering. There's no shortage of real life insight's, honesty, and wisdom in this interview. Activating ourselves can create ripple effects and set off initiations that require us to be responsible for our truth. Michael leaves us with succinct guidance to support moving forward, in our own time. 


Multidimensional Day 11

It's easy to forget sometimes, especially when we get caught up in things like to-do lists, that you in fact are a MULTIDIMENSIONAL BE-ing. Kaypacha's effervescent nature easily bridges the layers of reality, like layers of a delicious cosmic cake! You are a human expression of that layered confection! In his interview, Kaypacha expands our vision and opens our minds and hearts to the great re-birthing we are all a part of at this time. Have you ever wondered why you click immediately with certain people? Kaypacha gives astrological insight into why you may be part of the same soul group! EXCITING STUFF, huh!? 

Dust off your multidimensional view finders, lace up your favorite trekkers, and get ready to see your dharma from a whole new perspective!!

Denise Medved

Play Day 12

How much do you play? Playing, moving your body, and music are incredible transformational tools. Tools that could not only unlock your dharma but also empower your body/mind/spirit as you mature!? We've all got well worn neural pathways. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones that keep you circling around what it is you actually want. Those deep wagon wheel type grooves that bring you comfort but not much else. Well, Denise has years of experience and research that shows that mixing it up and getting out of your comfort zone can inhibit neurological issues as we age. Here's the great news; all you need is an open mind and you could be well on your way to embodying your purpose with renewed zest AND preventing major issues like Alzheimer's Disease on down the road. There are a ton of reasons to jump in a play with us, so come on!!!

Maia Toll

Season Day 13

Who/what is the "gate keeper" that's standing at the threshold of your dharma and blocking your entrance?

Maia guides us to connect with our true strength which comes from the essence of who we are rather than                                              our ego. 

She shares her wisdom on seasonal cycles, lets us take a peak into her new book, tells us a secret, and honors us with an oracle reading. 

Have you wondered why don't you feel the excitement in your life, or where has your passion and joy gone? 

Maia shares with us a breakthrough she had in her journey that just might open up some doors for YOU!

She also reminds us that transformation can be a sticky process;)

Adrien Blackwell

Connection Day 14

Have you ever heard the phrase "connection is currency"? In this unabashed, real, and authentically joyful interview, Adrien reveals a core truth about how we generate abundance in all areas of our lives. It as much about leaving behind a scarcity mindset as it is owning our true power to transform our relationship and perception of our past. Yes, this theme just keeps coming up for us here at Dharma Fest!! Adrien opens up about finding herself was about allowing her truth to come forward, and then honoring it. We touch on my own personal journey with connection, relationships, and the transformative power of love. You don't want to miss this soulful interview full of laughter and hard truths.

Brigit Esselmont

Intuition Day 15

By following her passion and interest in tarot, her side hustle became her dream company. Brigit encourages us to lean into our feminine essence as we explore our dharma. She has built an incredible soul based company by embracing the organic process of building it her way! In the age of social media marketing, promises of quick millions, and influencer illusions, it's so supportive to hear from the tarot legend herself. It's not always about overnight success!

Brigit also gives on the spot tarot guidance and shares with us how we can use the tarot as a practice to help us develop our own intuition. Tarot is a stepping stone to trusting our inner GPS!