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A Community You Can Count On!

Monthly LIVE Events!
(tarot party/collective readings/TSA astro weather

A VALUABLE community you can invest in and grow with!
(post, comment, cheer on, and even private message all within the space)

Breakthrough Social Platform Experience!
(Social Media without the drama/ads/etc etc PRICELESS!!!)

Exclusive MEMBERS ONLY content!
(created with your spirit and heart in mind! this treasure trove will only continue to expand)

Access Free WILD MYSTIC courses
(intuitive/spiritually driven/dharma supportive)

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(Only available with this SPECIAL OFFER just for the Karma 2 Dharma Event!)

1-1 30 min True Sidereal Astro Natal Chart Reading
(see your chart with new eyes and empower yousefl of your dharma journey $111 VALUE)

Dharma Fest 2021 Full Access
($500+ Value)

Creative Planner/Creative Journaling Mini Retreat!
(get present with your time, creativity, vision, and fun >>>planning like you've never experienced before! $300 Value)

Intuition and Your Dharma Soul Intensive Masterclass
(Unlock the true power of your intuition as it relates to your Dharma embodiment journey so you can finally ditch self doubt!!! $300 Value)

That's over $1,200 Savings
in Bonuses alone! 

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Awaken Your Dharma is a group coaching program that will transform your life and unleash your dharma. Over the course of the year you will have everything you need, tools, resources, live events, and bi-monthly coaching.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Your dharma is the place where your life/your soul come together in harmony! You will awaken to your true potential and your heart's deepest calling. Your remembering is just on the other side of this moment of risk. 

I get how risky it can be when you are making a commitment, especially when that means diving into the unknown! Here's the thing, I've got your back and your AYD Crew does too! 

There's no need to lone wolf it anymore! 

Just select the plan that works best for you and I'll see you inside the Soul Family!
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In Awaken Your Dharma YOU will be...

*Guided step by step to unleashing your spirit and moving beyond previous limitations so that you can live your soul calling!

*Supported spiritually, emotionally, intuitively, and even physically as you process through each module. The framework within AYD is wholistic and uplifts all of who you are! You will become a vibrational match for your dharma!

***A FULL YEAR of Bi-Monthly Dharma Coaching>> Worth $7,000 ALONE! You will not be left high and dry to figure it out, or leave it to your own will power to continue to embody your dharma. YOU HAVE A FULL YEAR OF DHARMA COACHING!


Supportive PDF Guides you can print and keep, resources for your intuition, tarot, astrology, oracle. Journaling, yoga, breathwork, visualization, meditation, and MORE!


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