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Your Life, The Ultimate Adventure!

Today we are breaking all the boxes, defying the odds, and exploring what it means to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! Sammi's 62K Instagram followers know just how adventurous she truly is!


From the eyes of most, Sammi doesn't play by the rules. At first glance you may be tempted to dismiss this retreat session but hear me when I say this, Sammi can show you how to break all the rules so that you can BE TRUE TO YOUR WILD ESSENCE! She has explored 42 states, The Atlantic, Pacific Oceans, The Gulf of Mexico and all the Great Lakes!!!


Sammi has traveled with her companion, executive assistance, and Dad Dave, across the country and has visited so many landmark sites, beautiful getaways, one of a kind eateries and more.


The folks she meets on her adventures she touches for a life time. Even the nay sayers will never forget her. She is a rebel by nature just because she doesn't give a Flock what you think of her, because she is confident in herself and her journey. 


I've always said that Creature beings have a sacred soul purpose, or dharma.

Fly into Sammi's retreat sesh, as she and Dave share her inspiring story, and explore what it means to be AUTHENTICALLY YOU!

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Thanks for sharing, stay wild and enjoy the retreat!

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