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Your Intuition Is Powerful!

In Astrology we understand that our intuition is directly informed by our Karma, South Node and also the descendant. Things we just "know" because we've been there done that, lived it!

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Get Holistic with your Intuition

Here are a few things I've picked up on my journey. I used to underestimate the power of an everyday practice which anchors in my spirit; didn't make time for play, and stuck to the usual music I listened to. However, these three areas have been a game changer for me and the beautiful souls I have supported!


nurture your intuition through sound. find music with minimal words which resonates with your feelings senses. I love Daya Dova when immersing in sound fields.


developing a daily devotional practice which honors the divine within and clears the energy fields is excellent!


science even backs the benefits of play regardless of age. intuitive creativity, relaxation, and giving yourself the space to be free of expectations is perfect for connecting with intuition!

If you'd like a little extra support getting the flow going, I've put together a discovery sheet. Print it or use it as a starting place for your own journaling. Every layer of intuition is met with our ability and willingness to be open to the lessons along the path. More is revealed as we process our experiences.

What landed for you?

Your experience is key. Let me know what hit home, what you want to explore, any questions we didn't cover. I would love to know more about where you are at on your spiritual journey!

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