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Are you ready to unleash your confidence, freedom, and soul purpose!?
Tired of lone wolfing it?
Want connection and support with real substance?

Enough Already!!

get your booty into the Wild Mystic star family and have your cake and eat it too!

What you can expect...
*empowering intuitively driven LIVE bi-monthly group coaching sesh's with Mavis as your coach (with Q&A and "hotseat" 1-1 coaching)

*private telegram community connection

*monthly workshops/retreats specifically designed to amplify your intuition/essential self/lightbody 

*exclusive content library like current astro insights, tarot/oracle driven weekly guidance

*encouragement and tools to SHINE with supportive soul purpose/dharma driven guidance

*connection with other beautiful Star Family Members in a safe space so you can express with like minded/spirited beings, who just like you are here to raise the frequency of our collective!



What the Mystica Circle is NOT...


they say your YES! is only as powerful as your NO!


All talk and no action, NOPE- we gather so that we can embody more of our full potential, not to gather more information and concepts.


Not a click, moral judgement zone, or place of competition. 


We don't hold space for division.



Prescription based spiritual advice, yah that's a hard pass. 

Ritual based group activity. 



So What is the Mystica Circle? 

The Mystica Circle is a sacred space where you get to be heard, supported, express, explore and be encouraged! Ultimately our collective mission and purpose is to anchor in as much as our authenticity, soul activation, gifts, awakening and ascension!


As your Intuitive Transformation Coach I will be coaching you along your unique journey with the added benefit of energetic amplification within our Star Family. Everyone is on a different step of their journey. This is not seen as above or below, it is the PERFECT place for them.


The PERFECT place for YOU! 

By witnessing and supporting one another we become more aware of our own path. The advantage of having a mixed group sharing exactly where they are is that each person sees through a future and past self, opening portals of opportunity, healing, and transformation that are different that when we process 1-1.


Simply put, we are mirrors for one another! 

Wild Mystic (1).png

There is a future version of you just waiting for you to make space for her! Call in your highest self with beautiful souls by your side calling in their boldest and truest expression of themselves!

Select Which Plan Works Best For You!

  • Mystica Circle

    Every month
    Unleash your gifts, your vision, and your mission!
    Valid for 10 months
    • LIVE Heart/Soul Based Intuitive Coaching
    • LIVE Q&A sessions
    • Private Star Family Community
    • Exclusive Content Library
    • Sacred Leadership
    • Embodiment Practices
  • Phoenix Rising

    Every month
    Valid for 4 months+ 7 day free trial
    • 1$ test

      Every month
      Valid for 2 months
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