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 . . or even room for the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood to operate out of. In the multiplayer, players are able to use the same real estate to build their own headquarters for the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood. Within the Game of the Year Edition, the player is able to unlock the headquarters of the College of Winterhold, a college for magic users in Skyrim. In the Morrowind – The city of Vivec, also known as Vivec City, was the capital city of the Daedric Prince of Knowledge, Vivec. When he died, he was believed to have ascended into the heavens and become the god Vivec, the city was the center of the Stormblood expansion and included an Imperial City – a . . . new area and . . . with new quests. 43. Legacy of the White River The Legacy of the White River is a land title introduced in Fallout 3, and a direct sequel to the Wasteland. As of 2250, the U. S. government still funds those projects. At the end of Fallout 3, in 2287, a contingent of Raiders invaded the White River compound, stealing technology before driving off. In 2282, the settlement was named a protected zone. In 2281, the settlement became a vault, under the command of the Brotherhood of Steel, and was placed under the rule of former General John Jenkins. It was later discovered by the player that the Brotherhood had built a vault in this region. In 2283, mutants were discovered in the settlement, in 2286, the vault was found and cleared of mutants, but not before the Brotherhood had suffered heavy losses. In 2287, a large portion of the vault was deliberately flooded to contain a deadly disease. The flood was eventually reversed and the settlement recovered, in 2290, a large portion of the settlement was destroyed by a flood of the White River. As of 2287, the settlement was the home of the Rangers, the Rangers have occasionally come to the aid of the Brotherhood and established a fortified outpost on the banks of the White River. A group of Raiders attempted to seize the settlement in 2287, only to find that the settlement had been transformed into a protected zone. The settlement was established in the mid-21st century as a series of bunkers that could house a population of about one hundred and it included a large hospital and an underground reactor that supplied power to the town and was capable of producing a nuclear bomb



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