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your monthly mystical jewelry box experience

Its time to give yourself permission to take the leap, to connect with your intuition and bring sacred adornment into your self-care ritual, where it belongs. Isn't it amazing that for thousands of years we have utilized jewelry as talisman, art object, spiritual protector, healer and so much more! Ancestral wisdom is calling to you now...

The MYSTICA box is a gateway into the unknown and at the same time a path home. 


box is for

Dandelion Moon

members only!


Treasures and tools are awaiting you within...

Sacred Adornment

every month

a new piece of Dandelion Moon jewelry

Your MYSTICA box will contain a piece of Dandelion Moon jewelry (of course!) which is created with you in mind! The designs for each months piece will be inspired by the celestial and astrological weather and the seasons themselves. This is really special because when we sync up our intentions and energies with natural cycles we amplify our energies and we will receive environmental support because we are in tune. Because the MYSTICA box is a shared experience as well as a personal one, you will also be amplifying and be amplified by all the soul family who are participating, including me! I am pouring my love and intention into MYSTICA and will be traveling this experience with you. We will be in this circle together.



A Spiritual & Intuitive Tool

hand selected tools to utilize within your own spiritual and intuitive practice.

Every month the Sun holds space in two Zodiac signs and the moon will either Mirror that sign (as in the New Moon) or will be in the opposite sign (as in the Full Moon). Keep in mind though, just as the Sun travels through each sign of the Zodiac in a year, the Moon will complete a full cycle monthly. The intuitive and spiritual tools included are aligned with these cycles.  A monthly mini tarot/oracle card reading intuitively will be drawn and included for you! This is a piece of guided wisdom, a gem of insight, intended to supplement any card work you already practice or be there for the times you just don't seem to have the time, space, or energy for. 

Sensual Delight

A tasty offering to delight the senses

This is the space I reserve in your MYSTICA box to give you a simple dose of sensual pleasure. If you're like me, you know how far a goooooood piece of chocolate can go in soothing and uplifting the spirit. Well that my love, is what this aspect of the MYSTICA box is all about. Along with your goody- you will receive a *special offer* from one of my favorite sister shops!!! I'm just so excited to share this with you! Supporting one another comes in many forms.  Introducing you to another maker, healer, creative who is generously creating a special offer (exclusively for the beautiful babes taking part in the MYSTICA box) makes my heart sing! 

Becoming a member is easy

and essential. Check out this

quick guide about membership

and the MYSTICA box.

only 55$ monthly

MYSTICA is delivered on a monthly basis and will be following the Full Moon cycle. Shipping within the US is 5$ and 15$ on orders outside the US. The value is amazing, you can expect 75$ or more worth of treasures within the box. 

intuitive support

With beautiful and handpicked intuitive tools relating to astrology, crystals and tarot, you will continue to travel deeper into yourself and the MYSTICA experience.


The MYSTICA box is meant to be part of your self-care ritual. This box goes beyond style and dives into; as above so below, as within so without. When you take part in your own self-care, you'll be joining your soul family too as we all gather our love and transform our stress.

soulful community

We are here to share meaningful experiences and insights. This community is alive and meets outside the distracting spaces of social media. We utilize membership space to gather in a new way!

sacred adornment

Celestially and Mystically inspired handcrafted Dandelion Moon jewelry will engage your spirit each month as we voyage across the wheel of the year, collecting treasure and talismans as you go!


When you open your MYSTICA box, you will have new things to explore each month. The contents in the box are pathways to so many other territories, in both the tangible and intangible realms.

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