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Marla Leigh

Rhythm of the Wild!

Day 1 

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Tap into your intuition, spark the divine feminine within, and take a journey into the magickal world of frame drumming with Grammy Nominated Frame Drum legend, Marla Leigh. Marla shares her story, takes us into the "herstory" of frame drumming, and activates our intention in an exclusive guided meditation!


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Spiritual Self Care

Day 2


 In her sesh, Vix breaks down how to create a daily spiritual practice that you can actually commit to.


She cuts through limiting ideas about what spiritual practices should look like so that YOU can tap into the practices that your wild spirit needs most!


We never know exactly where each step is taking us. But small practices create big transformation. When she first started her blog, she had no idea she would be a Rockpool published author one day, writing about her passion!


Ultimately, Vix left me thinking that daily spiritual practice could be the key to unlocking the life of your dreams, and starting at only 60 seconds a day, there’s really no reason why you can’t start or amplify yours today!

Louise Edington

Day 3

Louise debunks Mercury retrograde internet fear mongering, shares how the tarot can be used as a tools along your path, and empowers you to explore what wildness is to YOU.


She shares that though we are always in a whirling cosmic soup of planetary energies, we in our earthly vessels can become the still point. From this still point your vision can emerge.

We came together to create a mini reading to support you on your soulful manifesting journey! Don’t forget to drop your feedback, questions, and personal wisdom below the retreat sesh on your way to pick up today’s extras!

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Traci Jeske

Day 4

Today is the day to reclaim or amplify your personal self-expression through your style!


No matter your vibe Traci take us into why style can unleash your confidence, anchor in your sacred intentions, empower your next evolution, and call into your life what is is you are seeking!


What’s amazing is that she makes it so simple.


She also let’s us know why it’s actually an awesome thing to go to your closet and have nothing to wear, and it’s so empowering!


Traci breaks getting dressed into 3 easy steps and helps us get prepped before we ever even touch our clothes for the day!


This sesh you don’t want to miss, so hop in and revitalize your style vibe today!

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Andi Eaton

Day 5

Andi takes us into the world of relationships, especially the one with ourselves. Sometimes our wild essence calls us into periods of transformation and a change of direction.


Andi presents a beautiful way to see breakups, career changes, manifestation, and personal scheduling all in this session! If you’ve been feeling a shift in your desires, energy, or relationships this session can be the catalyst you need to take your next step in living in sync with your soul!

She also shares one of her TOP manifestation tools and how to navigate through mental blocks that could arise during the process.

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Deb Kern

Day 6

The body is wild by nature. 


Ebbing and flowing with the seasons, and of the elements.


Deb takes you on a journey of soul embodied movement, PranaShakti. To meet your inner wild essence through inviting it's presence with each gesture of your sacred physical form.


This SPECIAL retreat session is a FULL practice, created by Deb just for the WFTY Retreat!!


Please know that as with all exercise you and your physicians know best. Do not push your body and only do what feels good, safe, and nurturing. Please know that Deb nor myself are responsible for any injuries that could occur during your practice. 


Be responsible for your space and clear the area so that you have plenty of room.


Enjoy this extended session, mind, body, spirit.

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Dallisa Hocking

Day 7

If you’ve ever wondered how you can cultivate your intuitive and psychic abilities this retreat session is for you! Professional Psychic Medium Dallisa Hocking shares how her gifts became activated.


 She is a wealth of information and is grounded in her approach. The answers Dallisa gives to my zillion and one questions may just liberate your perception of your gifts. Certainly this retreat session can help you explore and leave judgements or cultural stigma at the door.


Through practice you can hone your abilities and be able to regulate them so that you can find balance at the same time opening into your natural gifts!


 Dallisa empowers us to see that our relationship with the multidimensional accepts of life truly is a process of integration. Sometimes we get caught off guard and thus begin a new initiation…a new adventure!

Hello beautiful Soul! Unfortunately this Circle Gathering Replay is unavailable. 

Lisa M Gunshore

Day 8

Have you ever looked into the sunrise and felt the warmth and expansion within you? 


The exhilarating thrill of the wind in your hair or the sense of peace with the kiss of a soft breeze? 


Each element has special gifts to support and sustain as you adventure. 


Lisa uses her incredible wisdom and leads you into an embodiment journey so that you can touch the essence of each element. 


This practice is meant to impower your wholistic wellbeing because you are the vessel for each of the elements. Lisa share that when these elements are out of balance, it results in disease.


Through consciously inviting the elements in and working with their gifts you can create miraculous healing in your life! 

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Megan McGlover

Day 9

Often in our lives there comes a time when the wild essence within senses that the environment in which it’s inhabiting is cramped, restricted, or out of alignment. Feeling restless and even frustrated, the wild nature sets out to discover what the walls of this shell are made of, and in the process discovers powerful liberation.


Megan serves up wisdom from her book, Stop Lying. She shares how truth and aligning with our personal truth sets our spirits free. That over time, even our brains can become comfortable in unhealthy situations.


However when we connect deeply with our soul we can, create magnificent change and transformation and ultimately, manifest our dreams through the sacred practice and art of telling our wild truth.


This is an extended conversation with one of my soul family. Megan is a well-known speaker for many reasons. One of the most powerful reasons, her directness. Listen in for some wild truth telling!

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Betsy Batista

Day 10

I don't know anyone who in the last couple of years hasn't been put to the test in their lives. Each challenge you have faced has brought you to this exact point. The point of all possibility.


Betsy shares how her journey into Quantum Human design not only unlocked her ability to be truly resilient, but also her unlimited possibility! 


The Keys To Resiliency that Karen Curry Parker has created are the powerful backbone to this retreat session. Through the lens of reWilding, resiliency is critical. After all, what greater embodiment of resiliency than Mother Nature herself!? Betsy offers each key as a stepping stone. We land on the final key, Self-Worth.